Personal Memories

Several people have already written about Tollerton in the past. Dr Denise Amos’ account can be read here: 

We now have quite a list of memories that it’s hard to see the names on the list!

Here is a list of people (in alphabetical order) that have either written something in the past or present. We are hoping that a lot more people will add information for us. Just write up your memory (or get someone who is willing to!) and send it to us at

 Jim Blackburn

Hilda Clarke

Mike Connelly

Miss Dodd

Mrs Gretton (by Rita Bembridge)

Interview with Mrs Gretton 2018

George Harpham

Maureen Lillie

The Plowright Family of Bassingfield Farm

Porter, Garton & Whittaker families

Jill Prentice

Jeff Redshaw

Dr Chris Salisbury

D L Singleton

Iris Stirland