Tollerton preparatory School

Last updated on 3 August 2021

We have had a couple of photos sent in from Mike Ward, he left the Preparatory School in 1957. This photo was probably taken a year or two earlier.

Since the above was written we have been contacted by Rosemary Barker (nee Olney) who has recognised herself on the photo below (below Mike Stokes, 2nd row from top, 6th child from the left). Rosemary believes this was 1957 as her brother, John Olney, isn’t on there and he was born in Oct 1952.




This one is estimated 1958/59, no Mike but his brother, Stephen is 4th from left bottom row.




Some pupils looking very smart, circa 1959/60

preparatory sch



Details from the newspaper of the funeral of Mrs Wayman

funeral principal



Jill Prentice’s memories: