Category: Historic Events

Significant events that have happened in the past and events the History Group have put on, including photos from the past and articles from newspapers

26th September 2019 / Historic Events
1st September 2019 / Historic Events

Old photos taken from the archives of Alan Woodcock – a bit of an eclectic mix! Click on each one to enable you to see the picture in more detail.

1st September 2019 / Historic Events

Bridges have been removed and made safer but not do not look as artistic.

1st September 2019 / Historic Events

A snapshot in time how things were in the 1970s.

1st September 2019 / Photos

Roads were sooo busy in the 1960s!

1st September 2019 / Photos

It is interesting to see how time has eroded brick. The pinnacles were no longer safe on the top of the church and had to be removed and the placque…

12th May 2019 / Historic Events

Edward, Prince of Wales, often flew into Tollerton Aerodrome in the 1920s and 1930s when attending both official and social events. Of course between 1927 and 1933 he owned Grove…

12th March 2019 / Churches

In March 2016 the Tollerton Village History Group acquired the Vestry Minute Book for Tollerton containing all entries between 1854 and 1935 – what a find!  The initial entry, in…

23rd March 2018 / Historic Events

A newspaper article, dated 28 September 1917, which was published in the ‘Mansfield Reporter’ reported that two German escapees had been found lying asleep in a wood at Tollerton by…

8th March 2016 / Historic Events