Photos – 1960s

Bridge on Tollerton Lane


Bridge on Tollerton Lane (near the new allotments now demolished)


Forge Cottage formerly the Village Smithy when Miss Don lived there



Forge Cottage, formerly the Village Smithy when Miss Don lived there.

Note the open section in the middle where the horses were once led through to be shoed

Mrs Chambers cottage early 1960s


Mrs Chambers Cottage on Tollerton Lane (was the Old Post Office) now belongs to Hazel Salisbury though many alterations have been made



road widening


The road at the junction of Tollerton Lane and Cotgrave Road was widened in the early 60s


road widening2



Note the absence of the trees in front of the allotmentsRush Hour Toll Lane 62 63



The usual Rush Hour!!



The Pinfold removed during road widening 1966




The Pin Fold before it was removed for the road widening to take place