Rectors of St Peter’s Church

Last updated on 6 November 2019

The table below shows some of the former rectors at St Peter’s Church, Tollerton, specifically those between 1729 and 1927. These details have been accessed through the  Archdeaconry of Nottingham Archive.

Date of IssueName Reason for Vacancy Patron
12.05.1729John Major M.A.John Neale Esq of
Mansfield Woodhouse
08.11.1738Job Falkner B.A.Resignation of John
John Neale of Eaton,
Bucks. Esq.
18.01.1753Abel Collin Launder
Death of Job FalknerPendock Neale of Tollerton
29.01.1770Thomas NealeCession of John NealePendock Neale Esq
01.06.1782Samuel MartinDeath of Thomas NealePendock Neale Esq
05.04.1783David Holt B.A.Death of Samuel MartinPendock Neale Esq
07.07.1793Pendock Neale B.A.Resignation of David HoltPendock Neale Esq of Intts, Cornwall
14.11.1816Edward Smith B.A.Death of Pendock
Pendock Barry Esq. of
Roclaveston Manor,
19.11.1840Richard Charles Ward B.A.Death of Edward SmithJames Lewis of Harley
Street, St. Marylebone
21.02.1905Henry Edward St John Macdonald, B.A.Resignation of
Abraham Adlard Welby
Albert Cantrell
Hubbersty of Lamcote
House, Nottingham
20.09.1909Joshua John Godsell Prentice B.A.Cession of Henry
Edward St. John
William Elliott Burnside
of Tollerton Hall,
13.05.1918Sidney Pell Potter M.A.Deprivation of Joshua
John Godsell Prentice
Alice Mary Burnside of
Tollerton Hall, widow
13.01.1925Leonard William Smith B.A.Resignation of Sidney
Pell Potter
Alice Mary Burnside of
Tollerton Hall, widow
20.12.1927Tom Wilson M.A.Cession of Leonard
William Smith
Alice Mary Burnside of
Tollerton Hall, widow

Here is a full list of Rectors taken from the book: A History of Tollerton, by Sidney Pell Potter, M.A. The list makes note of whether the rector passed away in office or retired, highlighted via a D. and  R. respectively.