Tollerton Scouts Trip 1956

Last updated on 20 September 2019

Summer Camp 1956

 In August 1956 the Tollerton Scouts went to a summer camp at Powerscourt Domain, County Wicklow. The photograph below shows them gathered at the Midlands Rail Station about to start their journey to Ireland via Crewe then onwards to Dublin. Peter Brooker recalls the journey itself with all their camping equipment and personal luggage was a great adventure.

Whilst in Ireland they had a visit to the Guinness Brewery in Dublin where they saw aspects of the brewing process and even got a chance to get up close to the vats, though he doesn’t say whether the resultant brew was sampled! These days of course visitors don’t get to see the beer being brewed in front of them.

Tollerton Scouts Trip

Back row L to R: Roger Harrison, Mike Howell, John Pearce, Richard Heason, “Skip” Aitkin, Nigel Bishop, Mick Pearce.

Centre row L to R: John King, Peter Brooker, Reggie Aitkin, Len Stirland, David Smith, John Webster, Geoffrey Pitchfork, John Stammers

Front row L to R: David Archer, Barry Moultby, “Bosun” Charlie Freeman, David Mowl

 Many thanks to Peter Brooker for sharing this photograph.