Hilda Clarke

Last updated on 20 September 2019

A few memories from Hilda Clarke –ex-Tollerton resident.

I lived on Lothian Road between 1958-1979 and now live at Holme Pierrepont

My husband was Kenneth Cooper Clarke  and he died in 1979.

We were part of Tollerton Archery Club (subsidiary of Nottingham Archers) which was started by Peggy Heason and we initially played in Tollerton in her long garden but there wasn’t sufficient space so the club utilised a field in Plumtree. This possibly ran for about 10 years as a small family club.

Self Portrait of Kenneth Clarke with the Gin Jar

The prize given out to winners each year was a ‘Gin Jar’. Presented to Ken one year.  The last time it was presented it was to Alan Roberton of Medina Drive but unfortunately he died and the gin jar hasn’t been seen since. I wonder where it is now.


The Gin Jar was found in the foundations of the old Trent bridge and adopted by Tollerton Archery Club as their prize cup. One year they played against a team from America which was featured on local TV.





I was Guide Captain for Tollerton, and later for Plumtree and then Edwalton. I followed on from Joan Court.

Does anyone remember Miss Marigold?

I remember the greenhouses on Tollerton Lane, where Maxfirs is now. A lady called Kathleen used to sell tomatoes from there.

On the seat outside the Post office in Tollerton there is a bench with a plaque on it. This says ‘This seat was provided by Tollerton District Ratepayers Association in honour of N. Green Hon Sec’.

Plaque on the Norman Green bench

Norman Green lived on Lothian Road (he had a daughter called Jennifer). Norman was the local handyman including being the local chimney sweep and I remember him as ARP Warden during the war. Norman never gave back the keys after the war that he held to everyone’s house in the area as an ARP Warden, so when someone locked themselves out he was able to let them in!!