The Nottingham Flying Club

Last updated on 20 September 2019

Excerpt taken from the Tollerton Village Newsletter of March 2002 although it is not clear if it relates to 2002 or sometime earlier.

Situated three and a half miles south-east of Nottingham, Tollerton Aerodrome are the headquarters of the Nottingham Flying Club.

This club’s present management took over in 1933 since when the sport of flying has increased in popularity by leaps and bounds, flying hours to date totalling over 2000.

There is no doubt that to fly, when one has to make a journey of any length, provides the best means of travel, being not only quick and comfortable, but of never ending interest especially to the novice traveller. The safety, too, of present day aircraft, leaves nothing to chance as no machine can be flown until certified as being Airworthy by Air Ministry officials, and they are perfectly maintained by expert and fully qualified Ground Engineers.

At Tollerton, the very latest types of aircraft may be seen, the large main hangar having accomodation for about 16 machines. The new recruit will find much of interest and it is a significant fact that of the 130 pilot members who have joined the Nottingham Flying Club during the past two years, not one has given up flying, as fascinating has it become.

The pupil is first taken on a ‘trial flight’ by one of the club’s two instructors – both of whom have over 2,000 hours flying to their credit – and is equipped with a helmet containing earphones which are connected to a telephone in the Instructors cockpit. By this means the working of the different controls are explained and the pupil is then allowed to try them himself, the aircraft being fitted with dual controls. After this trial flight, the Instructor gives the pupil his opinion on his aptitude and on the length of time he considers necessary for him  to become an expert pilot.

An Air Ministry ‘A’ licence is issued to all pilots upon passing a test at the conclusion of their training and 30 such licences have been granted to members of NFC during the past two years.