William Hickling – Crimean War Veteran

Last updated on 20 September 2019

William Hickling was born at Keyworth in 1835 but lived all his married life in Tollerton through to his death in 1909.  As far as we are aware, he was the only veteran of this war in Tollerton and was buried with full military honours. Hundreds of villagers from Tollerton and other local villages witnessed this funeral. The grainy photograph below shows the gun carriage bearing his coffin entering St Peter’s churchyard.

Crim War 1

Details of his military service and his funeral were presented in the funeral card below that was produced by the Crimean and Indian Mutiny Veteran’s Association.

Crim War 2

Further details of the funeral and of William Hickling’s military service appeared in the local press – see article below provided by Hazel, William Hickling’s great, great grand-daughter.

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In 1907 veterans of the Association gathered in Nottingham and were inspected by the Lord Mayor and also A. C. Cantrell-Hubbersty V D who lived at Tollerton Hall prior to the Burnside family. It is thought that William Hickling of Tollerton is seated on the front row, third from the left.

Crim War 3

Following the end of the Crimean War in February 1856 there were celebrations in Tollerton. This newspaper article, published 1 May 1856 in the Nottinghamshire Guardian, describes the event; no doubt William Hickling was part of these festivities.

Crim War 4