Silver Jubilee 1977

Our thanks go to Peggy Heason who had kept photos and newspaper cuttings of these events over the years. Kinza Evans , her granddaughter, passed these along to us which we are forever grateful.

A committee was formed in 1977 to arrange celebrations for the village. The final activities were sent to all residents:

There was also a notice in the Evening Post in their ‘Silver Jubilee Guide’ that included events in the City Centre as well as all local villages on what they were doing.

This notice about beacons was also included:

There was also the same information on what local villages were doing in the Rushcliffe News (a newspaper -no glossy magazine then!). Tollerton’s information was as per the leaflet above for the Tuesday 7 June. Other villages did events from Friday 3rd to Friday 29 July!

The Rushcliffe News also stated that the Queen was coming to visit West Bridgford 28 July. She was to visit Trent Bridge Cricket Ground where she was meeting the England and Australian cricket teams before traveling along Bridgford Road and Central Avenue to Tudor Square. Then along Rectory Road and onto Musters Road.

In the evening, the Queen was to visit County Hall and attend a bonfire gala on the banks of the River Trent at which thousands of people were expected.

Meanwhile in Tollerton, a good time was had by all. Please see photos below.