Golden Jubilee

Last updated on 9 July 2024

Our thanks go to Peggy Heason who had kept photos of these events over the years. Kinza Evans , her granddaughter, passed these along to us which we are forever grateful.

Here are various photos from the village event of the Golden Jubilee 6 February 2002. Some have the names of the individuals by them but many are missing. If you know any of these, please let us know and we can ‘complete the gaps’. Also, please advise if these names aren’t correct, the folder used had several question marks on so I’m not sure I’ve typed the correct name!

Ann Adkin, Rob Horsburgh, Denise Amos
Carol Blaydon, Chris Foster (Sight saver’s stall)

Carol Blaydon, Chris Foster, Allen Blaydon

Mrs Smith, ?
Dick and Ann Shepherd
Gwen Barnes in middle with her grandson, Joyce West
Carol Blaydon
Barbara Storrie, Chris Burbanks
Kevin Pyke, Diane Redshaw
Noel Marshall, ?
James Carnill
Chris Foster, Carol Blaydon, ?
Elvia Pycroft, Julie Hilton,
Denice Amos, Rob Horsburgh
Peggy Heason, Lesley Lloyd
Paula Green
And the band played on!
Alison May
?, Chris Leivers

Chris Leivers (aka Percy Perfect)

Children’s hat competition


?, Punch!
?, Peter Fenton, ?

John Teesdale, Entertainer

PC ‘Zak’ Malik
Peggy Heason, ?
Sylvia Turgoose