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Significant events that have happened in the past and events the History Group have put on, including photos from the past and articles from newspapers

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Excerpt from Nottinghamshire Guardian; Thursday, 3 September 1857

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16 July 2015 / Airport

The walk started at the Parish Rooms (NG12 4EB). Methodist Church opposite was built in 1964.  As well as being a place of worship it will be familiar to many…

13 June 2015 / Airport

  The Airport has had many air shows and, in 1967 the Kings Cup Air races took place (this took place annually but was based at different airports). The programme, kindly…

7 May 2015 / Historic Events

The Country Club unfortunately didn’t do too well. This brochure, kindly lent by Gerald and Shelia Cowlishaw, gives details of the Club promoting what it could offer you when you…

1 May 2015 / Historic Events

The nearest point to Tollerton of the Grantham Canal is down near Gamston near the new allotment sites. The person in the foreground of this picture is Ruth Dodd’s Grandad – George Frederick Ashford.…

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