Category: Historic Events

Significant events that have happened in the past and events the History Group have put on, including photos from the past and articles from newspapers

28 March 2023 / Book

We published our book ‘Tollerton: A Village History’ in 2015. After 2 print runs the history group decided not to invest in a third print run but to upload the…

12 June 2022 / Historic Events
6 January 2022 / Book

Introduction In the past families were far more self-sufficient particularly in terms of food provisions and everyday items. Residents were also far more in tune with seasonal crops and, in…

8 May 2021 / Photos

Remember when the shelves were mostly empty? Thank goodness we’ve got past that stage! And we’ve accepted a new normal of face masks, hand sanitiser and keeping our distance as…

26 September 2019 / Historic Events
1 September 2019 / Historic Events

Old photos taken from the archives of Alan Woodcock – a bit of an eclectic mix! Click on each one to enable you to see the picture in more detail.

1 September 2019 / Historic Events

Bridges have been removed and made safer but not do not look as artistic.

1 September 2019 / Historic Events

A snapshot in time how things were in the 1970s.

1 September 2019 / Photos

Roads were sooo busy in the 1960s!

1 September 2019 / Photos

It is interesting to see how time has eroded brick. The pinnacles were no longer safe on the top of the church and had to be removed and the placque…